Window Films for UV Protection


The Cause of Sun Bleaching

There are several factors that contribute to the fading of furniture, drapes, and hardwood floors.

  • Ultraviolet Light – the cause of 40% of fading problems
  • Heat – the cause of 25% of fading problems
  • Intensive Visible Light – the cause of 25% of fading problems
  • Miscellaneous Factors – artificial light, humidity, poor quality dies, gases and pollutants contribute to 10% of fading problems


3M™ Window Tinting Significantly Reduces Fading

3M window film helps reduce the effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays by controlling UV light, heat, and visible light, which cause 90% of fading problems. Window films provide fade protection by blocking:

  • Up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light
  • Up to 78% of the suns heat during summer months
  • Up to 35% of the heat loss that occurs during winter months.

Ultraviolet radiation damages your furniture, fading their finishes. It also wreaks havoc on your skin. Tinting your windows with 3M window film can not only extend the life of your furniture, but also protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the sun.


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